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Legal Limits® Co. would like to thank you for visiting our web site and for being interested in our products. A product who's time has come - be sure your catch is legal!  With states imposing higher and higher fines for undersized kept fish, this great product will ensure that your catch is legal and it's always close at hand. Already widely used by top Bass Pros and charter captains, this terrific measuring devise is now directly available to you. All of our ruler tape measures have the North American Fishing Club Field Test Seal Of Approval.

MEASURE UP!  It's a good law to promote the continue enjoyment you get from fishing.

Legal Limits® is a self-adhesive white vinyl - black print, weatherproof, ruler tape measures that apply to a fisherman's rod and boat. Available sizes: 12", 24", 36" and Combo Pack 24"/36".

Key Benefits:

  • Be sure your catch is legal
  • Always close at hand
  • Great Price

Measure UP! It's The Law. Rod & Boat Ruler Tape Measures "For Easy - Quick Measures"

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About Us

Legal Limits® Co. was founded in 1990 by Gaetano Magarelli. While fishing, Guy observed another fisherman being ticketed by a conservation officer for two illegal size fish, simultaneously while in midstream, Guy had hooked a questionable legal size fish himself. Thus idea Legal Limits® , was conceived. Fisherman are notorious for exaggerating the size of " The one that got away." But fish and game laws make it hard to embellish the length of those they actually catch. And if the fish in question are under the mandated length, their catches can face hefty fines. Most anglers avoid such mishaps by measuring catches. But as avid fisherman, inventor and entrepreneur, Guy Magarelli can attest tape measures and rulers can be unweildy.

Magarelli was out enjoying his hobby that day when it occurred to him, "Boy, it would be nice to have a ruler attached to the fishing pole." Thus was born the idea for Legal Limits® , a self-adhesive waterproof vinyl tape measure that affixes to a fisherman's rod, boat or surf rod. Convenient and durable. Various sizes : ( 12", 24", 36" and Combo Pack 24"/36"). Recently North American Fishing Club has given us their Field Test Seal Of Approval for our ruler tape measures. Legal Limits® has sold in Wal-Mart successfully and Bassin Magazine has used our product for their Crappie Magazine promotion.

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(845) 756-2280

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